eHealth-Care Foundation


About eHCF

The Mission of eHealth-Care is to help patients, physicians, and community hospitals to make appropriate use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in order to improve access and quality of healthcare delivery and reduce the cost of its management.

eHealth-Care Foundation supports civil, community, government, and non-government health care delivery vehicles in improving their management by making available web-based patient care, physician, and hospital management solutions affordably. It supports exchange of patient data in a secure network across all the stakeholders in delivering healthcare.

eHealth-Care Foundation, (eHCF) a New Delhi based Not for Profit Organization. Registered under Society Registration Act (XXI) of year 1860 and Registered u/s 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act of year 1961. Registration Certificate.

eHealth-Care Project

eHealth Care project aims at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of India's antiquated healthcare system by use of information technologies.

It is a web based patient care system that tracks a patient's health record from the time of their joining the network and for as long as the patients manage top provide authenticated health data. It offers them an opportunity to maintain their health record and authorize their physicians to access it as needed. Physicians accessing the patient's data must have the capability to access the data. As of now they will have to use the patient given authority and input some basic data for authenticating them. This helps port their health care information to anywhere internet can be accessed. More...


The Government of India, conferred ‘eHealth-Care Foundation’ the National Award for Year 2004 Exemplary Implementation for eGovernance Initiatives (Silver Icon) under ‘Innovative Operations and Best Practices’ – Professional Category.

eHealth-Care project was one of the finalists in the "Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004"