eHealth-Care Foundation


Project - eHealth-Care

eHealth Care project aims at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of India's antiquated healthcare system by use of information technologies.

It is a web based patient care system that tracks a patient's health record from the time of their joining the network and for as long as the patients manage top provide authenticated health data. It offers them an opportunity to maintain their health record and authorize their physicians to access it as needed. Physicians accessing the patient's data must have the capability to access the data. As of now they will have to use the patient given authority and input some basic data for authenticating them. This helps port their health care information to anywhere internet can be accessed.

Following the same principle we also have an application for the physicians to help manage their medical practice. That includes keeping all their patient's data on the web, capability to manage their accounts and billing. To ensure that some of the key information of the patient's is readily available in case of emergencies, they are also issued a Health card that identified some critical information including blood group, allergies to food or medicine, key instances of medical history that may be helpful in emergency and serves multiple functions as required by the local health authorities.

The model has been extended to help manage small civil and community hospitals across their various functions. It also helps manage billing and accounts information. Other non clinical data is integrated as required by the hospitals. Health Cards are issued to any villager who wants them for a nominal fee. Typically those using the system are the visitors at the hospitals or physicians practices. It contains details like name, age, sex, user Id and Password) and (weight, blood group, allergies, diagnosis, treatment and medicine prescribed) is being uploaded and updated online which can be accessed from any where in the world.

The system has been used to generate tele-health capabilities as well. Online Medical Advice is arranged for the rural patients so they need not travel to far off places.