eHealth-Care Foundation


Benefits of eHealth-Care project

All citizens of the district especially poor segment, doctors and government.

To the Patients/Citizens:

  • A complete medical history of patients.
  • Medical History updated online- accessed from any where on the web.
  • Patient freed from keeping prescriptions for hospitals for further treatment.
  • Online Medical Advice will be arranged to the patients so that they need not travel to far off places.
  • Saving of the unnecessary travel and expenses for the patient and the family.

To the Doctors:

  • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of antiquated healthcare system.
  • Doctors should be able to access complete patient records though they did not create them.
  • Computerized systems for writing prescriptions.
  • The system will save doctors time.

To the Government:

  • The technology can help monitor all mandatory requirements of the government.
  • Ready information about the number of patients examined daily or in any time frame.
  • Data about Doctors who saw the patient, when, diagnosis, prescriptions and medicine issued
  • Epidemiology of the region and various other queries that are required based on the data captured
  • Intelligent archival and retrieval
  • Can provide full MIS capability
  • Can link with the PHC/ CHC Management Systems or can be scoped out to become a PHC/CHC system
  • Can link with or be scoped out to Staff Management System
  • Can be scoped out to inventory, pharmacy, Laboratory and blood bank management system
  • Can become a Tele-Medicine support system
  • Emergency services coordination