eHealth-Care Foundation



Dr. S. C. Jha

# Spl. Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of India

# Chairman, Bihar Economic Task Force

# Ex-Director & Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Director of Board, ICICI Bank Limited

Dr. Richard S Dick, PhD

# Dr. Dick is recognized as a leading figure in the electronic health record (EHR) industry and has provided diverse consulting services, addressing technical architectures, strategic planning and extensive business development at many of today's most successful health IT and EHR companies.

Dr. Syed Tirmizi

# Director, Health & Medical Informatics at the Veterans Health Administration, Washington DC.

# Associate professor at the George Mason University

Mr. K Rahman

# Former Zonal Manager, The Himalaya Drug Company, (Bihar)

Dr. M. N. Doja

# Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science, Jamia Millia Islamia ( Delhi)

Dr. Pradeep A. Rau

# Professor of Business Administration, School of Business and Public Management, The George Washington University, USA

Dr. Amol Goje

# Director, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra

Dr. Harish Karnick

# Director, IIT, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Nadeem Mohsin

# Consultant: UNICEF, Delhi
# Former Executive Director, Prayas and Professor, S N Sinha Institute of Social Science, Patna